Top tips for filming your video

Article on using the Seenit Camera

The magic of the modern smartphone isn't merely that it's revolutionised how we consume pet memes. If you've got one in your pocket, you're also carrying a pretty advanced piece of filming kit.



Like most people, you probably use your phone camera, but being on camera or filming for a project can feel different. Don't panic - follow these five super-simple tips for better uploads:


1. Contribute in your own way. Like a lot of us, you may not be used to being on camera. Simple things like smiling, taking a deep breath or writing notes can help. You can also film B-roll footage. This is supporting footage to help add context to your video. Get creative by using different shots and angles to match the tone of your video.


2. Watch your clips before uploading them. Sounds simple, and it is, but this will help you check for any issues and ensure you're happy with what you're sharing.


3. Look at the camera lens. When filming selfie-style, in particular, it can be tempting to focus on yourself, but this looks a little odd when watched back.


4. Be aware of light and shadow. Not enough light isn't good, nor is too much. Do what you can get an even exposure of light on the subject, whether that means moving the light source or the subject itself.


5. Be aware of sound. Try to avoid echoes or super noisy spots where possible, and always watch your clips back before uploading to check that you can hear what needs to be audible.


For more tips on how to turn your camera shyness into boldness, check out this short clip to help you feel more confident and comfortable on screen!