What is b-roll and how best to capture it? 🎥

💡 So you've been asked to capture some b-roll? Here's everything you need to know about b-roll - what it is and how best to capture it

What is b-roll? 🤷‍♀️

B-roll footage is any additional footage (videos or photos) that is considered secondary to your main footage (known as a-roll). An easy way to think about it is ‘cutaway footage’, clips you can use to break up a video and add some variety.

Here's a video from the Seenit Film School explaining this in more detail


How to capture great b-roll 🔥

Tip #1 - keep it relevant

Consider what your video is about? Use b-roll to show what you are telling with your a-roll and, most important of all, let your creative juices flow. Here's our 24 hours at Seenit video - packed with great (and relevant) b-roll clips!

Tip #2 - get creative with your shots

There are a few different shots that work really well when capturing b-roll. Close ups, pans and locked down shots are all great beginner shots to get started with.

Tip #3 - shoot lots and lots of clips

With b-roll, more is more. This content is like gold dust for your editor. Have a short brainstorm of all the different things you could go out and capture, then take time to shoot the same subject in a few different ways. Your editor will be forever grateful to you for this!