Using the Seenit Camera

Read our top tips on how to use the camera and some troubleshooting if you're stuck

What is the Seenit Camera?


1. Mobile device capture
  • Record directly through the web application on your device, you no longer have to record using your device’s camera and upload the files afterwards
  • You can use both the front or back camera by clicking the switch camera button (bottom left)

    2. Filming lock preference
    • If the project you are uploading to has set a specific orientation it will not allow you to film in any other way.
    • You will see a screen like this:

    Top tip πŸ’‘: If you're having trouble rotating your screen, make sure your phone screen rotation is not locked 


    3. Time recording preference
    • If the project you are uploading to has set a time recording preference per clip then you will be shown the recommended time with a count-up at the top of the screen and the record button will gradually fill in sync with the time set.
    • See the example: 

    Please note: we do not cut off your clips when you reach the recommended clip duration


    4. Prompts
    • You can now set prompts to help you whilst filming, do this by clicking on the prompts button (right of the record button)
    • These could be bullet points, important figures to remember or a script


    5. Display of scene
    • If you are uploading to a scene, you will be able to see it on the screen to remind you what to film