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Add from Library βž•

The Add from Library feature allows you to reuse and repurpose content from your Library. Supplement Stories with previously uploaded content, or create a Story using only repurposed content. 

Who πŸ‘₯

This feature is available on all tiers. 

Where πŸŒŽ

  1. In your Studio -  access the Add from Library feature through the Uploads page.
  • If you already have uploads within a selected Story, the Add from Library action card will appear. β†’

  • If you have just created a Story and do not yet have content, you will find the Add from Library button underneath the Copy Join Link button. β†’


How? πŸ”¬

As shown above, you can either add existing content from your Uploads page or follow the Add from Library button underneath your Story Join Link

  • Once you click on the Add from Library button, a new window with the Studio’s Library will open.
  • From here, you can search through the content using tags, names, titles, captions or content IDs. 
  • When you have found the content, you want to use, hover over the media and click the + button in the bottom right of the tile.

Picture 12
  •  Once the media has been selected,  a green tick will appear. Once you see this, close this window (click on the X button) and go back to the Uploads page. 

Picture 1-1


This content will now appear on the Uploads page (under the From Library Scene) From Library Scene. β†’