What is Seenit Stellar?

How Seenit Stellar works

Seenit Stellar is video crowdsourcing for business. We help organisations collect and edit content shot on smartphones so they can harness the power of video storytelling at scale.

With Seenit you can set up stories (How to create a story) and invite people to contribute to them via a link (What's a join link?). All contributed content collates in the Uploads page where you can shortlist and download clips, or edit them using built-in editing software. You can share any final content on Seenit or any channel of your choice.

Why would I use Seenit Stellar?

Here are some of the different ways Seenit Stellar is used:

  • Create engaging and authentic content with your community
  • Build an audience and let others discover your brand

  • Create a space for independent influencers

  • Let your community be your reviewers

  • Market to your community, without marketing at them

  • Supercharge your corporate communications