Using Folders in your studio

Maximise organisation within your studio by sorting your projects into folders

Who 👥

This feature is available to everyone, it is a main piece of functionality for our users

Where 🌎

  • Folders are found on the Projects page

How? 🔬

  • Users can create a Folder using the Create folder card in the main grid or the Create folder button in the Studio Top Bar
  • A project can be created on the main Projects page or within a folder

    • Projects created within a folder: only projects that are not using a template will be shown within the folder after creation, it does not currently work for templated projects
  • To move a project from the main page click on the folder icon on the project card and select the folder you want to move it to

  • If you want to remove it from a folder entirely then select the No folder option

  • You can delete a folder when you are inside it, by clicking the delete icon. However, you can only delete a folder when there are no projects inside it

  • If you have done a search on the Projects page and want to see if it lives inside a folder. Simply click on the folder icon; scroll down to see your folders, if it lives inside a folder it will be have a green tick next to it to indicate this.



Things to know

  • For our first release of this feature, only one level of folders can be created
  • When you are inside a folder, to navigate back to the Projects page, click on the Projects icon in the side panel, or the Seenit Stellar logo