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The ultimate guide to upload success

So you've created a story, but haven't received many contributions? Here is our guide to getting more uploads.


1. Share your Story

Use the sharing options on the right-hand side of the 'Join link' section to share your story with your chosen audience. If you want to attract greater numbers of contributors put it out on your social channels to engage with difference audiences and story tellers. Find out more about how Share Codes work here.

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2. Include a Video Introduction Message

This is your chance to talk directly to your contributors and to show them what good looks like. Welcome them to the story and share any relevant information. You could state the purpose of the story, why you picked them to take part, where their footage will end up, instructions, filming tips, or just a simple welcome. It doesn't have to be long, but we have found that stories with introduction messages get roughly 50% more uploads, so it's recommended! 

Find out more here.


3. Make sure your Story Introduction is clear and informative

Use this space to tell people about the story and what you would like them to do. Make it clear what you plan to do with the footage you collect so that people feel more comfortable uploading.

You may have a clear idea of what you want - if so, give some guidance. Guidance can include what you'd like people to capture, and/or how you'd like them to capture it (think shot type and visuals). Otherwise, you might want to leave it open and let the story come to you. Every story is different.