Seenit Camera on mobile

Learn how our new in-built camera allows you to get the content you're looking for

Who πŸ‘₯

This feature is available to everyone, it is a main piece of functionality for our users

Where 🌎

  • On the Uploader page, once a contributor chooses the β€˜Record’ button, this will launch the Seenit Camera

How? πŸ”¬

The Seenit Camera will only be available on mobile for now and we will continue to have Desktop Capture available to desktop users. The Seenit Camera will offer the following functionality:
  • Mobile device capture
    • Record directly through the web application on your device, you no longer have to record using your device’s camera and upload the files afterwards
    • The uploader can use both their front or back camera by clicking the switch camera button
  • Filming preference lock
    • Orientation preference:
      • When a studio user sets an orientation preference on a project, if contributors use their mobile to record they will now be forced to record in the set preference.
      • It will black out the screen if the user is holding the device in an incorrect orientation and tell them that to record they need to turn the device
    • Time recording preference:
      • When a studio user sets a time preference on a project if contributors use their mobile to record they will now be shown the recommended time with a count up at the top of the screen and the record button will gradually fill in sync with the time set.
      • Please note that as we want to capture the best and most authentic content, we are not cutting off uploaders as they are recording just making it very clear of the suggested time frame
  •  Prompts
      • These can be set upon opening the Seenit camera and clicking on the prompts button (right to the record button)
      • They can only be set by the uploader
      • It could be bullet points, important figures to remember or a script. We always advocate for the most authentic content and so prompts as opposed to a script may achieve this better, however, this feature allows for those who are perhaps less confident filming to feel like they have support and comfort when they are contributing
  • Display of scene
      • To allow uploaders to have all the information they need whilst recording, we also display the scene name at the bottom of the screen that they can open and remind themselves what they need to upload, just before recording