Quick Edits: Content Approval

Create a library of approved content for your *Maker users.

* Scroll to the bottom to find out more about Maker seats.

Who πŸ‘₯

This feature is available to: 

  • Stellar Admin users 
  • Stellar Producer users
  • Both Admin and Producer users can approve content for Maker seats. 

Where 🌎

In your Library on the Project Uploads page. Click on an upload to get started. 

How? πŸ”¬

  • Use the toggle to switch this feature either on or off.
  • Once the toggle is on, your Maker seat users will only have access to approved content when creating a Quick Edit. 
  • This is when they add content to a Quick Edit from the Library.


Things to know

  • The toggle will be defaulted off, meaning that clips will be unapproved until you choose to approve them.


Maker Seats 

The Maker seat is a restricted user that will only have access to approved content in Quick Edits to create brand-approved content.

How πŸ”¬

  • A Maker seat will be part of the Quick Edits package, or you can purchase additional Maker seats.

Who πŸ‘₯

This feature is part of the Quick Edit feature and is available as a β€œbolt-on” to the following tiers:

  • Enterprise
  • Professional