How to create different Edits within a Project

With our Edits page, you can easily create multiple Edits from one Project, so you can repurpose and make the most of your uploaded content.

Within the Edits page, you can create multiple Edits from one Project in a few simple clicks.

Whether this is creating your Edit online or uploading an offline Edit, you can easily manage multiple Edits on the Edits page.  


Creating your first Edit online

You want to ensure all of the collected content you want in your Edit is shortlisted on the Uploads page. Once it is in the shortlist and you've clicked 'sync to shortlist', you can get started on the Edits page. 

  1. Click on the Start online edit button; you'll be asked to give your Edit a name. 
  2. Click on the Create edit button to take you and your shortlisted content to the Online Editor.
  3. Once you have finished your Edit using the Editor (check out this article for some tips and tricks), you do not need to worry about naming the Edit when you are exporting it, as it will use the name you gave it upon creation


Creating another Edit online

If you already have an edit in your Project, the process is slightly different from creating an additional Edit.

  1. Click on the Create edit tab button above your existing Edit displayed in the video player.
  2. Give your Edit a name 
  3. Click Create edit, and it will take you back into the editor to create another Edit with your content. 

Please note: if you have created a new edit but you haven't added any content to it in the Editor, you will need to do this before being able to create another new edit.

Uploading an offline Edit

  1. Click on the Upload offline edit button (if you don't already have any Edits within your project) or the Create edit tab button.
  2. Name the offline edit you are uploading: i.e., Meet the Product team - Full Edit. 
  3. Select your file to upload
  4. Click on the Create edit button, and you will soon see your uploaded Edit appear on the page.