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How to create a project

Inspire your contributors to give you great content

Starting a new project properly will give you the best chance of success. Here's a quick guide to help.


The details you enter when setting up your project are the brief for your contributors. Communicate what your video is about and what you want people to do.

Title: Make this concise and relevant to the video. For example, if the video is about New Year's Resolutions, you could simply call it that.

Video: This is your chance to talk directly to your contributors. Welcome them to the project and share any relevant information. You could state the purpose of the video, why you picked them to take part, where their footage will end up, instructions, filming tips, or just a simple welcome. It doesn't have to be long, but we have found that projects with videos get roughly 50% more uploads, so we recommended it! 

Description: Use this space to add information about the video and what you would like people to do. You may have a clear idea of what you want - if so, give some guidance. Guidance can include what you'd like people to capture, and/or how you'd like them to capture it (think filming tips). Otherwise, you might want to leave it open and let the story come to you. Every story is different. 📖

Project owner: This will appear on the uploader, along with an avatar, giving your project that personal touch. It's nice for people to know who's addressing them. 😊