How to add users to your Studio

Follow these simple instructions to invite new members to your Studio, manage individual access levels, and remove users.

1. Click on your logo in the bottom left-hand corner of your Studio page.




2. Click on β€˜People.’



3. Click β€˜Invite user.’



4. Add the user’s email address and select whether they will join as an Admin, Producer or Maker

  • Producer - the default role; they cannot invite users, change user roles, or remove users. They can create and contribute to Projects. 

  • Admin - can invite users, change user roles, and remove users.

  • Maker - can create Quick Edits and use studio-approved content only.



5. To manage individual access levels, click on their current access level to either adjust their level or β€˜Remove user’ to delete them from the Studio.


*Note* - if you remove a user, they can be re-added by following the steps outlined at the top of this page.