How do I split video and audio?

Separate the visuals and sound in your footage to control opacity and volume levels.

The video editor in Seenit has separate video and audio tracks, but the audio tracks are for music and sound effects. The sound in your videos is contained within a video track.

To expand a video track and see the sound waveform, click on the arrow next to the track title, and select the expanded view, as in the image below.

Screenshot 2021-04-14 at 10.30.35

Now you can control the opacity level of your video or the volume of the sound. To do so, click the clip and select the dotted line to control video or the speaker icon for audio. Both can be seen in the next image.

Screenshot 2021-04-14 at 13.56.00

Levels are changed by clicking on the coloured lines to create notes, and dragging the nodes into the desired position. To delete a node, double click on it. In the above example we've brought down a section of the audio.