How can I share my join link?

There is no right or wrong way to invite people to contribute to your story.

There is no right or wrong way to invite people to contribute to your story.

Often it will depend on what channels you can reach your desired contributors on. Each Seenit story will have a unique join link and QR code which are easy to share via email, social media, instant messengers, and more. You may want to try a multi-channel approach or encourage others to share too, so you can reach as many people as possible.

Things to include with your join link:

  • Give some information on the story: What are you doing and why? What's going to happen to their videos? Let people know why you picked them to take part.

  • If you have done something like this before, or have a good example of what you want to do, share it to help people understand what you're trying to achieve.

  • You can include some basic filming tips too. You can use this video we made, which is also available on any story uploader page. The video page contains tips that you can copy and paste into written communications.

  • A deadline to encourage timely submissions.

Don't forget to fill out your story

The aim of your invite or callout is to get people to click your link. Once they've done that, you want them to contribute to your story.

That's why it's important to film a video brief (did you know stories with them get 50% more uploads?), and have a clear story description. Use this section to let people know what you'd like them to do. Learn more here.