Downloading auto-generated subtitles

Download automatically generated subtitles for your Seenit video

Who 👥

  • Subtitles are available for all users, ensuring accessibility is available to everyone

Where 🌎

  • Our subtitles feature can be found on the Edits page of your Seenit Studio. Once there, head to the panel on the right-hand side of your screen, as seen below  

How? 🔬

  • To download and use the subtitles, click on the 'Download subtitles' button

Things to know

  • The subtitles will take a few minutes (longer if it is a longer video) to download to your desktop in a VTT file format. If they aren't ready and you click on download then you will get an empty zip file, we recommend a few minutes and trying again
  • If you need to edit the subtitles file you can do this using a text editor, for example if too much text appears on screen at any one point you can add in extra timestamps to break down the text to appear as you wish
  • If you want to use these subtitles alongside your video on socials such as Linkedin, then you can save the file as an SRT (simply rename the file and end the name with .srt) this will mean you can now upload it to Linkedin